sustainability at hunter iii
Sustainable business practices at Hunter III are deeply rooted. Throughout the entire process from vine to bottle, Rob Hunter works with his various grower and production partners to ensure that the practices with the least environmental impact are employed in making exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc. Rob is also conscientious in ensuring that a balance is struck between vintner, grower and worker, providing fair and equitable prices and wages and enabling the vineyard sustainability cycle to flow.

Rob Hunter’s hands-on approach in working with his growers during the farming process ensures that the highest quality sustainably grown fruit is provided for Hunter III Wines. The planting of cover crops that include no-till plantings of native perennial grasses, composting, and the use of primarily organic farming methods and soft chemicals are three key elements to this strategy. And by trading his winemaking consulting services for custom crush and blending space at the facilities of other wineries Rob consults for, he is minimizing the entire production footprint of Hunter III by sharing with wineries in which his partners have already greatly invested.

The following standards have been implemented at Hunter III to enhance environmental sustainability with an eye on increasing wine quality:
  • Soil erosion prevention plans are actively practiced

  • Cover crops include no-till plantings of California native perennial grasses

  • Primarily organic farming methods and soft chemicals are used on grapes, vines & soils

  • Compost is applied to add organic matter and to slowly release nutrients

  • Vineyard prunings are chopped and tilled back into soils to increase soil tilth

  • All vineyards are drip irrigated to aid in water conservation

  • Frost protection sprinkler heads use low-flow nozzles for water conservation

  • Workers participate in many educational opportunities

  • During harvest all stems and pomace (skins & seeds) are composted


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